Leo Dicaprio vs Daniel Day Lewis rond 2

Visst är det härligt att läsa andras fylleinlägg? Mark Millar, mannen bakom kommande Kick-Ass har lagt in ett inlägg som får mig att gå i taket av förhoppningar.

Okay, am pretty drunk. I downed many Guinnesses as my gang re-watched Spidey 2 tonight (a master-piece, btw) and am now weirdly wide awake. But have spoken to three directors about the Nemesis movie in the past seven days, none of whom have read the scripts and all of whom are basing our chats entirely on the visuals and high concepts you guys have seen.

Anyway, as you know I don’t want anyone to see this until the whole series is written and that’s at least into next month. THAT SAID, the director I got hooked up with early this evening is literally one of the best in the biz. He’s someone I totally trust in terms of movie-making and he knows his comics too. We chatted about the property for an hour and his ideas were insane, the stuff that had me buzzing being his notion of DiCaprio as Nemesis versus Daniel Day-freakin-Lewis as America’s best cop.

Yes, just maybe the two greatest actors in contemporary cinema.

He’s friends with one of these guys, reckons we could be in production by the end of the year and the movie out possibly as early as 2012, which is just insane. My plan was to hold off til March and take advantage of the Kick-Ass movie hoopla, but to be honest it doesn’t get much better than this. I love movies and I love comics and this guys speaks our language. I’m wasted and ready for bed, but also v excited at the prospect.

What do you guys reckon? Should I stick to my guns and wait until the script is finished next month or take this off the market and go with one of the best modern directors around?


Han pratar alltså om en filmatisering av hans ej utgivna serie Nemesis jag pratat om tidigare. Serien är redan i planeringsstadiet till att bli film.  Dock är varken regissör och skådespelare klara. Det kan bara vara ett fylleinlägg, eller så kan det vara en uns sanning i det han skriver.

 Men tanken på Leo och Day Lewis mot varandra igen är kittlande. Drömmen vore att Scorsese skulle stå för regin. Well, den som lever får se. Men jag ser iallafall sjukt mycket fram emot både filmen och serien.




~ av masterbetty på januari 20, 2010.


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